Cornell University Human Ecology

Celebrating Creativity in Space

Higher education campuses offer students the ability to not only participate in research and development, but to also nurture and develop their creativity. With more students entering into various creative, and digital, professions, training learners to thrive within the knowledge economy is frequently discussed across universities. Celebrating student creativity begins at incorporating student voice into the design of their own learning. This can manifest in several ways: student-centered curriculum, student-directed research, or student-centered design. With tight deadlines, it is not very often that a design team will get the opportunity to involve current students in the design of a new learning facility.

Cornell University wanted to showcase the research and creativity that was happening in the Human Ecology program on the campus. Using the opportunity to reimagine the Human Ecology program, the university really invested in building with the future in mind.

“Designing for collaboration [and] inspiration is all about flexibility, and giving users a chance to shape their space. We feel that’s a real important part of creativity. To be able to take ownership of your space, and play a role in shaping that.” -Leah Sclera, Cornell University ’03, MA ’04

Check out the Human Ecology building at Cornell University. It’s a place where students played a unique role in helping the architects and planners shape a new space:



For more information on the creativity happening at Cornell University’s program, view the Human Ecology page.

Storytelling and Videography provided by: Wave One Group 


Rachel DeWitt

Rachel DeWitt is the Global Brand Strategist for IBI Group and a lifelong learner. Former educator, Rachel holds an M.Ed. in educational psychology. She spent most of her graduate studies focusing on learning sciences, specifically on creativity, cognition, instruction, and development. Rachel currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Tweet her: @RachelNFloyd

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