Google Solar Panels

Interest in renewable energy sources, including solar panels, has grown in recent years, but many people aren’t sure about what to do next. Recognizing how many people googled “solar panels” Google launched Project Sunroof to help home owners decide whether to install them. Currently established for Boston, San Francisco and Fresno, Project Sunroof informs owners how much sun they get and how much money they could save. Top-down information to encourage bottom-up solutions, steps towards a sustainable future.

Oliver Hartleben

Oliver Hartleben is the Coordinator of TH!NK, IBI Group’s R&D unit. A perpetual lateral thinker, he has worked over 20 years in the planning, architecture and transportation sectors and is passionate about the pieces that make up a city and how connecting them can produce better outcomes for urban dwellers. Oliver grew up in Guatemala City and moved to Vancouver three years ago from Boston.

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