wood and concrete

Material Match: Wood & Concrete

In the development of contemporary cities, few materials have had an impact comparable to wood and concrete. Centuries ago, wood was seen as a nearly inexhaustible resource, and it fueled the growth of many settlements and cities. As engineers and architects looked upward, concrete, along with steel, became a staple for framing skyscrapers. Later, it became a go-to choice for modernist architects. In recent years, spurred by advances in wood construction, builders have expressed a renewed interest in wood, even for skyscrapers. These advances underscore the similarities that these materials share. Perhaps inspired by this, as well as a renewed appreciation for modernism and brutalism, architects are combining these materials, with striking results. Architizer detailed seven projects that combine these versatile materials with eye-catching results. 3D printing may reconstitute the way wood and concrete are used in the construction process, but the materials themselves are poised to remain intrinsic to building and architecture for years to come.

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