Minecraft: The Budding Architect’s First Tool

Lego has long been the first building block for budding architects. Now, as Line//Shape//Space writes, another cube-based medium, Minecraft, is becoming the go-to “game” by combining the benefits of those colourful Danish blocks with the limitless potential of the digital world. By operating from a “human perspective”, where users inhabit the space they’re building, and by emphasizing real-time collaboration, Minecraft could shape a generation of architects who are more attuned to their surroundings. More than just a game, the program, which is viewed by some as a “computer-aided design tool”, is already being used as a tool for competition and education. Perhaps even more impressive, the UN teamed up with Minecraft to create Block by Block, a program where young people in developing countries around the world are engaged to design real spaces in their communities.

Image: CC Image courtesy of hobbymb on Flickr

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