Mobility Planning that Builds Better Cities

What does the future of transportation in (North) American cities look like? Ecolocalizer tackled this huge question in a recent post. With the average traffic delay per commuter now 42 hours a year, up from 18 hours annually in 1982, the answer to this question is badly needed. Notably, Ecolocalizer foresees fewer private cars on the road, identifying four key factors influencing mobility of the future: technology, a planning evolution, driverless cars, and policy. While the impacts are difficult to predict (especially for driverless cars), new technologies, good planning and well-crafted policy appear set to contribute to a future of increasingly people-friendly cities.

Dameun Kim

Dameun Kim is an urban planner. She aims to connect different aspects of city planning through her interdisciplinary experience in planning and engineering. Her interests in adaptation strategies to climate change and physical planning led her to Vancouver, after her prolonged expedition in three continents.

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