Next Generation Materials

Next Generation Learning

Next generation learning, when deeply explored, challenges traditional school organization, roles of teachers, learning activities of students, parent/community relationships, and expectations for access to technology.  All educational research related to our changing political, economic, and technological world calls for drastic shifts in the fundamental purpose and process of learning. Schools need to adapt their programs, organization, and classroom deliveries to instill the values and skills needed for success in today’s world, and to be relevant enough to fully engage our current technology-bred students. 

Research in life-long success indicates that our traditional focus of school core subjects, are still important but are no longer sufficient for success in the changing world.  Instead, students need to learn the skills critical to navigating and succeeding in the new socio-economic landscape where change is the byword. 

Students must be global learners which will enable them to live and work in this flat world. Education for this century includes creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills, learned in an environment that fosters social/emotional skills development, healthy risk taking, and an understanding of the global connections to individual actions. 

Karina Ruiz

Karina Ruiz is the Global Sector Lead for the IBI Group Education practice. With over 20 years of experience in architecture and planning, Karina is passionate about shaping the future of this world specifically in the teaching and learning spaces of educational environments. She currently resides in Portland. Tweet her: @RuizPDX

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