17CP: Seventeen Central Parks

The following is a project description of IBI’s ‘17CP’ submission to the NYC Driverless Future Competition. The submission, which was comprised of a multi-disciplinary team across 4 IBI offices finished in the top 10 of over 200 competition submissions.

New York City is covered by more than 1.4 billion square feet of paved roadway. That’s enough asphalt to pave one lane around the Earth!

Recognizing the potential that connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology has to improve road-way capacity and space efficiency, the IBI competition team ran traffic simulation models of a completely connected and autonomous vehicle scenario on a typical New York City Avenue, determining that road space could be reduced by up to 42%. Scaled up across the city’s road network, this level of space savings is equivalent to the square footage of 17 additional Central Parks, which could be distributed across the city’s road network in the form of new green space, urban amenities, new on-street retail opportunities, and new housing opportunities.

Recognizing that these benefits could only be achieved with a comprehensive policy framework and detailed strategy, the competition team outlined a five-step implementation strategy called 17CP, which proposed to guide New York City toward a driverless future where the full potential of CAV technology could be realized.

Through the 5-step strategy, 17CP is intended to develop CAV service policies, operating parameters and guidelines, as well as flexible street design guidelines. 17CP’s five steps are:

  1. Identify, Test, Develop
  2. Socialize and Learn
  3. Adapt
  4. Prototype and Profile
  5. Adopt Guidelines and Expand

Ultimately, 17CP is about starting  get the most out of CAV technology today. In doing so, we can create a more prosperous and healthier tomorrow. A tomorrow where one of New York City’s road network could be optimized to create seamless mobility, and where the City’s millions of residents and visitors could enjoy a connected network of urban greenways and enhanced public space.

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