Sustainable Mobility: Time for Disruption

Achieving a groundbreaking global agreement, COP21 was an important step towards limiting the impacts of climate change. However, as The Dirt writes, it was only a starting point. Now is the time for action. And cities have a major role to play in climate adaptation and mitigation success. Transportation accounts for the second largest share of energy-related emissions and is a sector that presents a major opportunity for improvement. Disruption to car-oriented planning, particularly in secondary cities, would have a major impact on CO2 emissions and can also be a major employment driver, as we’re seeing around the world, from Copenhagen to Bogota. This isn’t about finding silver bullets, but on the ground solutions, like enhancing street-level connectivity, investing in public transit and establishing policy that supports shared transportation. Sustainable urban mobility is a catalyst for green and economic success – if cities harness the opportunity.



Oliver Hartleben

Oliver Hartleben is the Coordinator of TH!NK, IBI Group’s R&D unit. A perpetual lateral thinker, he has worked over 20 years in the planning, architecture and transportation sectors and is passionate about the pieces that make up a city and how connecting them can produce better outcomes for urban dwellers. Oliver grew up in Guatemala City and moved to Vancouver three years ago from Boston.

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