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Learning is a Two-way Street

After the international SchoolsNEXT Design Competition was held recently in Philadelphia, a group of Lake Oswego junior high schoolers came home with some extra luggage: the grand prize. That was big news for Project Architect Robert Allen, too—he’s been mentoring them throughout the competition design…

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Cornell University Human Ecology

Celebrating Creativity in Space

Higher education campuses offer students the ability to not only participate in research and development, but to also nurture and develop their creativity. With more students entering into various creative, and digital, professions, training learners to thrive within the knowledge economy is frequently discussed across universities. Celebrating student…

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The Role of Responsive Design in Mediating Learning and Motivation

In order to guide the design of next generation learning environments, architects and planners must be knowledgeable of several learning theories. In recent years, the rise of evidence-based design throughout multiple industries has led school designers to engage in research on what it takes to…

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking in Education

Well designed school buildings can be a catalyst for pedagogical change. Imagine a room full of students, administrators, teachers, and architects. In this room, students come together with designers and their educators in order to brainstorm what their learning environments should look like in order for…

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