The Many Health Benefits of Urban Nature

Doctor’s are becoming more aware of the health benefits of urban nature, some are even prescribing time in green spaces for patients. We’ve written about this before, and now, CityLab has compiled a thorough review of the identified mental and physical health benefits resulting from exposure to urban nature. It seems that the future of health care… is green. More than just urban planning and design, access to high-quality green space could be viewed as a health issue. This could have powerful implications on how parks are designated and funded, rather than simply being amenities, they could also become healthcare tools.

Mitchell Reardon

Mitchell Reardon is the TH!NK by IBI blog curator, a land use planner and urban experimenter. His interdisciplinary work centres on people and how they live, work and move through the city. Mitchell is enjoying life in Vancouver, after 6 years of living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. Catch up with him on Twitter: @MitchellReardon

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