Child Development

The Neuro Revolution in Learning

The world of applied child neuropsychology is continually advancing how we think of educational delivery models. With advancements in current research exposing our understanding of the small world organization of large-scale brain systems, educators and counselors are being required to know basic neurocognitive concepts in order to better serve the changing student population. Through a series of exploring different intelligence theories, and the research being conducted on behavioral analysis, researchers are beginning to note the effects childhood development can potentially have on late in life mental disorders. And, furthermore, how our schools should be responding to fostering a learning environment that focuses on a holistic approach to child development.

For further reading, check out Harvard University’s Reports and Working Papers on the Developing Child.

Rachel DeWitt

Rachel DeWitt is the Global Brand Strategist for IBI Group and a lifelong learner. Former educator, Rachel holds an M.Ed. in educational psychology. She spent most of her graduate studies focusing on learning sciences, specifically on creativity, cognition, instruction, and development. Rachel currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Tweet her: @RachelNFloyd

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