The Ups & Downs of Drones

Drones are expected have big impacts on a range of  industries. They present a host of opportunities, but also create new safety challenges. In response, London Police is training eagles to handle this high-tech security headache, another example of the reapplication of ancient technology, while Michigan Tech created a robotic drone catcher. Conversely, the FDA  recently loosened restrictions on “micro” drones, as Amazon moves full speed ahead with its own project. From product delivery to rapid healthcare, drones have the potential to reshape many aspects our lives. What creative ideas and/or concerns about the spreading drones do you have?

Dameun Kim

Dameun Kim is an urban planner. She aims to connect different aspects of city planning through her interdisciplinary experience in planning and engineering. Her interests in adaptation strategies to climate change and physical planning led her to Vancouver, after her prolonged expedition in three continents.

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