Crafting Collisions for the Betterment of Society

As forward thinkers, we must take note that the real future of the college campus revolves around the ability to collide with different people across multiple disciplines. We must also note that these collisions should not be limited to happening between university students and professors, but that they could extend to K-12 students as well.

So, what does the innovation campus of the future look like?

“The purpose of the innovation campus is to embody an innovation system. The coming together of disciplines. The coming together of people who share a problem. And, the recognition that modern problem solving in the real world requires teams of people with different talents and outlooks.” -Professor Dylan Jones, Pro Vice Chancellor, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University

Cardiff University recently opened the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC). Housing Europe’s most powerful brain scanner, the Siemens 3 Tesla Connector MRI system, CUBRIC was built as a space to house some of the world’s leading experts in brain mapping, neuroscience, clinical research and genetics. More importantly, CUBRIC took the opening of the recent facility to kick off the University’s Summer of Innovation celebration. The Summer of Innovation brings together people from academia and industry in order to create strong connections and partnerships; in short, it’s a time where people collide to dream big, and create real outcomes for the betterment of society.

Check out the Hadyn Ellis Building and CUBRIC below:

For more information on CUBRIC, and the research being conducted at this facility, view the Cardiff University page.

Storytelling and Videography provided by: Wave One Group

Richard Golledge

Richard Golledge is a Studio Director in our Cardiff office. He has worked over 15 years designing award winning projects for leading universities and health trusts. Richard is passionate about the hugely beneficial effects good design can have on mental wellbeing. He is also partial to all things Scandinavian, artist exhibition posters, mechanical watches, Spotify and trips to the beach with his young family. Richard grew up in Cwmbran, and he has lived in Cardiff just under 20 years. Tweet him: @RGolledgeARCH

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