Our Favourite Urban Places: #IBIhappycities

Over the last month, IBI Group has been running an Instagram contest with the hashtag #IBIHappyCities. According to the Happy Streets lab, things that have been proven to boost wellbeing (and happiness) in urban environments are greenery, trees on streets, converted community spaces, streets with active facades, and colour. Staff at IBI were asked to photograph these spaces in their own cities and let us know what the happiest place in their neighbourhood looks like. We received hundreds of posts with everything from parks to playgrounds to public art. We’ve been sharing posts on our Instagram and wanted to highlight some of our favourite “happy places” here as well! See more highlights by following @IBIGroup on Instagram.

I love you too. As a friend said: Toronto is a city that loves you back #ibihappycities #boardwalktoronto #toronto #publicart

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For more about Happy Cities and Happy Streets, check out the work of The Happy City.


Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

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