Instagram Accounts to Follow – Architecture

With IBI launching its new Instagram account this week (follow @IBI_Group!) now is the perfect time to share some great architectural accounts that set the benchmark for visual quality that we aim to achieve with @IBI_Group. Here are five accounts you may-not-already follow:

@EmaPhotographi – Ema Peter Photography

Ema is an award-winning architectural photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. She combines both final project photography with a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a world-travelling architectural photographer. She’s one of the true hidden gems on Instagram.


@Arch_More – Architecture – Daily Sketches

In a time where architectural renderings are produced almost exclusively in the digital environment, it’s always pleasing to see the emotive qualities produced in a rendering by hand #OldSchool. @Arch_More is an inspiring curation of hand sketches and renderings from around the world of projects of all scales.

@ArchitectureTourist – Katja

Get your architecture fix from the talented Katja who’s based out of the Windy City. Katja travels the world shooting both interiors and exteriors and successfully translates the relationship we as humans have with the built environment.

@UrbanLines – P.A.U.L. – People . Architecture . Urban . Lines .

@UrbanLines strictly posts perfectly-composed architectural images. He plays with your mind’s perception by using the technique of mirroring some of his images, not allowing you to understand what’s reality and what isn’t!

insta-arch1-urbanlines – Kai

Kai’s account embodies weightlessness. He uses the even light that’s provided by an overcast sky to his advantage, providing his minimal use of darks to emphasize his compositions. Gesamtkunstwerk – he has truly designed his account as a minimalist whole.


And don’t forget to follow the new @IBI_Group account!


Graham Handford

Graham has his Bachelor of Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art + Design and is part of the TH!NK team as well as the Social Media Design Team at IBI. Outside of the office, you can find him taking architectural photographs about town or getting lost in the City's Archives.

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